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A Letter for YOU….

Hey You… Yes YOU,

Last week, I reached out to you and invited you to travel the dimensions of life with me. I genuinely and sincerely extended that invitation. With all judgment and criticism aside, I know making the decision to heal…. Actually going through the difficult process of healing is not easy. It will require some hard work from you, but I guarantee it is worth it and remember…. You are not alone. I just want you to know that. But that is not why I am writing to you today…I tried to let it go and move on as if all was well, but I feel pressed to share some things with you. I share this from my heart and in a place of Faith, Hope, and Love….


I want to share something extremely personal about me… The hardest thing I ever had to do…. was walk away from my family: Mother, Father, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins…Everyone and everything….my job at the time, my place of residence. I had to change my numbers and completely disconnect for 3 years. Yes, I know extremely drastic….I had to… because had I stayed I would have missed my opportunity to chase after destiny (JESUS)… My God given purpose… Who I was created and predestined to be and I could not afford that. I was in such a bad place: Angry, bitter, and full of resentment. I hated my life, what I was, and how I allowed everyone to treat me. I walked in a spirit of offense and did not even know it. I put on a mask and acted as if all was well, but deep down inside of me: ALL WAS HELL. See… it was me who allowed people to walk all over me. It was me who became what everyone needed me to be at any given time… I was the problem, not them. I was surrounded by negativity and a mentality that was not conductive to my GREATER and I knew there was so much more than what I was exposed to….what I was taught. It was not until I got so sick of myself that I stopped making excuses for people, but most importantly I stopped making excuses for why I remained in the place of hurt, pain, self-hatred, and stagnation. In order for me to find myself, I had to let go of many things I held so tightly to….Things and people who were so dear to my heart and that included ME…. it hurt like crazy and it was not easy. I had to freely and willingly release, let go, and not look back. I share this because I believe God is calling you to let go of some things and some people. He has been tugging on you for a while now, but you keep rejecting him. He wants so much more for you, but you have not been willing to let some things and some people go...LET IT/THEM GO!!!! He wants you….All of you…..Your whole heart. He wants to heal every aspect of you, but you have to let go of YOU! Lay yourself on the altar and do not pick yourself back up. God wants to give you the best, but you will never be able to receive the best or keep the best for that matter because you are holding so tightly to old ways of thinking, doing, and being…. You use things as excuses to justify why you cannot move or act. STOP HOLDING YOURSELF BACK FROM WHAT GOD WANTS FOR YOU. And stop idolizing people!!!! JESUS IS YOUR STANDARD….HE IS YOUR SOURCE.... HE LOVES YOU WITH AN UNFAILING LOVE.

Oftentimes, we openly confess and acknowledge him with our mouths, but with our hearts we dishonor and reject him. How do we do this? We make excuses why we cannot do things. Speaking out of the abundance of our hearts, we speak faithless words that shape our environment, and we become our excuse….We become lazy and slothful in the things of God. We disqualify ourselves when God is calling us, beckoning us, and bidding us to touch different parts of him. Because of this, we never produce what we were intended to produce in life…Our true purpose… Our Destiny in its fullness…. We hurt ourselves and we hurt others.

Today I encourage you!! I encourage you to deal with your stuff…. It's time to heal. I care about you, about your wellbeing, about your soul….That’s all I am concerned about….Your SOUL. I desire for you to be all God has predestined you to be….. GREAT!!! I want that for you.


Dr. Dyoni

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