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Healing Process

A few months ago....

I cut my right hand pointing finger. It hurt like crazy. I took the necessary precautions: Rinsed it with water, cleansed it with peroxide, and applied pressure to it with a band aid. After a week or so, I noticed the top of my finger was swollen and discolored. Although the cut was small, I couldn't understand why the healing process was so harsh. A few months went by and I noticed the skin on my finger began to harden. As it harden, my finger looked so unattractive. It looked rough and although I moisturized it, it still looked pretty bad. I share all this because today my finger began to peal. The top layer of my finger pealed, but underneath the pealed skin was a tough layer of thick skin that was black and blue. Even at the slightest touch, it hurt.

This is what happens when we get cut….when we go through a situation where we feel betrayed or hurt…The worst cut ever. It affects other areas of our lives. Depending on the type of cut: Relational, mental, psychological, or emotional, other areas of our lives are affected. We try to cover it up by not dealing with it because we figure time will heal it. We go with the flow or business as usual not knowing our normal flow or business as usual was interrupted. It’s in this time, something new must be implemented to address the cut. We must go through a processing period to first and foremost acknowledge how the cut happened, recognize it as such, determine our attitude toward it, and then address it accordingly.

Keep in mind, things may look bad… it may look rough and callous but understand it’s the process of healing. It may seem long and drown out, but continue to intentionally address the cut. Crazy thing, it may appear to be healed, but once someone touches that area…that sensitive area that was cut, you may feel the pain and throbbing of the cut as if it recently happened, but fight the temptation to withdraw or run away, stay the course…. CONTINUE THE PROCESS.

Let's heal together!!


Dr. Dyoni

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