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Could it be...

Could it be…. Many of us are walking around bruised and we don’t even know it? Could it be... We have been desensitized to believe that trauma is not trauma, but rather something normal?

Could it be... We are walking around pretending everything is fine knowing we're deeply bruised underneath the layers of our façade? Could it be... Maybe we are protecting our bruises because our bruises left us deeply wounded and we’ve learned how to live with our wounds; just the thought of our wounds exposed or healed scares you? Could it be...We are judgmental because we're bruised and the very thought of someone being free angers us? Could it be... We are overly arrogant because we're bruised and extremely insecure? Could it be... We treat people any kind of way because we're bruised and mad at the world? Could it be…

I wonder, if we could be scanned what would be our description? Would our description highlight the pain we securely endured? Would the shame of others that was placed upon us be highlighted? What about the time we screamed and no one came to our rescue? Trauma is trauma whether great or small. No matter the level. Trauma is painful and it has the ability to leave us wounded if left unaddressed.

You may not even know you're bruised. Maybe something happened to you a long time ago and it devastated you to the point of numbness. Maybe you are immune to the anxieties of life and now you're in survival mode. No longer living life, but rather allowing life to live you.

Just maybe... every time you see or hear something you're reminded of a situation and you revert, you withdraw, you shutdown, not knowing the trigger to such behavior. Bruised underneath the layers of life… Layers of hurt….Layers of pain…. Layers of disappointment…. Layers of false hope… Layers of facetiousness…..Layers on top of layers.

The pain of yesterday……

Let's talk later.


Dr. Dyoni

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