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I was watching Life Class with Bishop T.D Jakes on the OWN Network and although the entire segment was great… filled with great information, Bishop Jakes said something that left me pondering days after the segment aired. He said… young people are always tired and this is because it takes great energy to pretend. These were not his exact words, but basically he said, “It takes more energy to pretend than to just be ourselves.” It’s crazy because I look at my life and I can attest to this, being one who pretended to be everything but who I really was… I had no identity. Needing acceptance from others, I became whatever anyone needed or wanted of me at any given time. Crazy right?

In my time of pondering, I received this revelation… We as a people are already forced to carry and fight against generational things passed down to us and on top of that we have to fight against those things we willing pickup or willingly allow to operate in our lives. When we pretend to be something we are not, we open ourselves up to the issues and anxieties of such lifestyle and we place additional weight on our backs. That stuff gets heavy. I know because it got extremely heavy for me. I carried not only my stuff, but I carried the weight of others and the weight of different lifestyles that I willing welcomed in my life.

We are weighed down because we are carrying stuff that was never intended for us to carry. It can be scary, but we have to look within and examine ourselves.

Self-examination is never easy, but it’s necessary because it allows us to gage where we are and what is truly going on deep within… that under the surface place that no one sees…. You are your most important project. Never be too busy to examine yourself to see where you are… each day is an opportunity to grow, to maturate, and to learn something new…. something new about yourself. We are all works in process, yet it’s imperative we slow down… take a moment to stop and examine ourselves… our motives our thoughts… our speech… our actions and be willing to recognize those areas that need improvements.

I am responsible for me…. You are responsible for you. I am only accountable for what I do, how I respond, and the lack thereof… Likewise, you are only accountable for what you do, how you respond, and the lack thereof… Let ‘s slow down, take some time out of busy schedules and take a deep look within ourselves…. SELF-EXAMINATION.


Dr. Dyoni

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