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Hey You...

It’s been a while since the last time we connected... 8 months to be exact. There is so much to share… Not sure where to begin. I will say this, GOD’S GRACE!!!!… Not sure where I’d be if it had not been for the keeping love of GOD’S GRACE. So many times I thought to myself, where is Dr. Dyoni???? Wandering… Lost… Searching… Wondering Who, What, Where, and HOW… Yes, it’s been that type of year for me, but guess what? The devil is a liar… I'm STILL STANDING. It may have hurt to smile… been extremely painful to think: full of clutter… Lost sight of everything. It was difficult to live. Not sure where I’d be without the keeping love of GOD’S GRACE. So many lessons… such great revelation… battled great fear… endured great pain… yelled… screamed… fought… fought hard… until I realized, my fight is not external but rather internal. I finally get it…. JESUS!!! So thankful for the keeping love of GOD’S GRACE. I’m not sure how 2015 has been for you, but GOD’S GRACE will keep and help you through whatever you’re facing or may be afraid to face… I am a living witness. Every day fix your eyes on JESUS… JESUS is the true source of your life…

With all this said, I would like to invite you to partake in a new program I will host: God’s Grace T.V. Show … The show premiers August 18, 2015 on at 9:30-10pm PST. Through GOD’S GRACE we are able to trust God to change us. Not sure about you, but I want true authentic internal change. I will continue to chase after Jesus each day because to truly know thyself, you must know Jesus. You are, but you shall be by GOD’S GRACE!!!

Excited about this new journey... MUAH!!!

Dr. Dyoni

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