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No More Excuses

For those of you who say, “I don’t make excuses”, Let’s define EXCUSE.

An excuse is an attempt to lessen the blame attaching to a person, act, or fault. It is a fact or circumstances that serves in mitigation of a person or act. It is used to obtain exemption for a person or oneself. It is also used to release a person from a duty; A reason put forth to justify an offense or a fault. As a Verb, an excuse is used to condone, justify, defend, explain, rationalize, let off, relieve, overlook, pardon, or disregard.

Let’s be real, we all have things going on in our lives, but we can’t allow circumstances or situations to continue to stop us from moving forward. For every excuse we make, we push ourselves further back, because we resisted the opportunity to move forward… we resisted the opportunity to grow…we resisted the opportunity to learn something new…we resisted the opportunity to connect with some amazing people.

There will always be an excuse, but we have to make a conscious decision to not make an excuse for whatever shortcoming we have, whatever mistake we’ve made, or the type of attitude we may have. Yes, we were all raised a certain way…we all have different ideologies, traditions, perceptions, and ways of doing things; nonetheless, it is our duty and responsibility to want better for ourselves,to grow, and be all that we have been called to be and that is GREAT! In order for us to be GREAT,we must be willing to be receptive to new things especially if those new things are introduced by those we value and trust. We must make a conscious effort to no longer allow fear and pride to control us…. Fear of failure and consistently doing things to cover up our fear to protect ourselves. We have to allow ourselves to admit our fears,recognize our attitude towards our fears, and do that very thing we are afraid to do even if we think we can’t….No More EXCUSES!!!

Remember as you make the excuse, you become the excuse and the environment around you conforms to that excuse. I’ve seen it in my own life. I lived in the realm of excuses. In many occasions, I told myself….“I was raised this way and I’ve always done it that way, so it will take me some time to learn a new way.” I’ve said,“I’m trying… “I’ll get it sooner or later.” But the fact of the matter was I never got it….I became my excuse and everything around me aligned to that excuse.

But there comes a time when you have to will to come out of the realm of excuses. Until we will within our hearts and deliberately put forth action, we will never be in the position to have what truly belongs to us….Our destiny! We must stop with the excuses. Let us take the time to put in the work.Yes, we may feel uncomfortable, but at least we attempted to do something we never thought we could. Maybe once we finally make the decision to actually do, we may learn that we have great potential in that area. Remember, God never intended for us to be mediocre….ordinary….plan ole average. We condition ourselves to be mediocre….ordinary….plan ole average, because we make excuses to justify why we cannot do certain things. And in doing this, we place limitations on ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of making excuses…Tired of justifying why I can’t do this or that and finding myself stuck in a holding pattern. Aren’t you ready for something real? Aren’t you ready for something better? I know I am.


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